David Centner Enterprises Announces Acquisition of Negative Content Management Leader Guaranteed Removals

Serial tech entrepreneur David Centner of David Centner Enterprises has acquired one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Guaranteed Removals. Guaranteed Removals is the leader in negative content management and is the first company of its kind. Founded in 2014, the company has experienced explosive growth providing reputation management consulting and services for enterprises and individuals. The acquisition, which closed January 1, 2021, had remained unannounced as the company stealthily focused on a renaming and rebranding campaign to the new nameplate, Erase.com.

As the world has shifted seemingly overnight to a digital environment, businesses and individuals more than ever must proactively manage their digital footprint. Online negative content has been demonstrated to significantly impact revenue, operations, recruitment, and business development efforts. Worse yet, negative content can stubbornly persist on the internet. Search engines, reviews sites, social media, forums, as well as traditional media turned digital are amplifying the spread of negative content. Slander, fake and outdated negative reviews are affecting people and businesses’ reputation while unfairly distorting their brand’s perception.

Search algorithms collect data from news websites, review sites, and forums and use that data to assess reputability (“trustworthiness”). As a result, negative, aged, unfair, or irrelevant content can profoundly affect a company’s search results and review sites presence. Similarly, negative content also affects merchants’ shopping funnels as negative results may appear predominant in comparison engines. With few exceptions, most companies will need viable solutions to mitigate their vulnerability to negative content.

“Enterprise-level negative content management promises to be a hypergrowth industry, and our first mover advantage and proprietary solutions should make this a fascinating journey for the team,” said David Centner, Chairman of Erase.com. “We started looking at this company mid-2019. We were so impressed, the founders did a spectacular job getting the company to this point, and we’re excited to take the reins from here.”

Erase.com also endeavors to be the world leader in combating online abuse. Erase.com will stand for people’s right to privacy and the right to be forgotten. Erase.com’s overall mission is to “combat the negative” in the broadest sense, which applies not just to content removal but also counterfeiting piracy, malicious doxxing, and revenge websites.

Erase.com also announces the appointment of Alexander Kurian as its new Chief Executive Officer. Kurian previously served as CIO and CTO of Highway Toll Administration (HTA), Centner’s former technology company in the electronic toll collection industry. To his new role, Kurian brings years of experience building high-performance teams and successfully scaling technology organizations.

“I am glad to see the new company vision progressively come to reality,” said Kurian. “David Centner and I have been developing this project for a long time, but I must give the most credit to our group of talented employees who have been combating negative content for so many years and making a real difference in people’s lives.”

Along with the acquisition announcement, Erase.com’s corporate headquarters have been relocated to Miami, Florida.

“During the pandemic, Miami has seen an unparalleled migration of technology, financial services, blockchain, and other industries relocating or opening new offices,” stated Centner. “As a Miami native, I couldn’t be prouder that my hometown is experiencing so much positive momentum, and we intend to aggressively grow our Miami footprint.”

About Erase.com

Erase.com assists companies and individuals to proactively manage unfavorable brand perceptions.  Erase.com is a leading authority in reputation management, having helped thousands of businesses and individuals improve their digital reputation. Operating out of offices in Miami, Florida, and Burlington, Ontario, Canada, Erase.com develops bespoke plans of action tailored to its clients’ needs.  Erase.com helps individuals and businesses gain control of their online reputation, repair negative search engine results for branded keywords, and provide solutions to address fake and negative reviews that impact how a brand or product is perceived online. For more information, visit www.erase.com.

About David Centner Enterprises

David Centner is a successful inventor, serial entrepreneur, tech visionary and philanthropist with pioneering ventures in web development, online marketplaces, online advertising and electronic toll collection. Centner has had four successful exits with technology companies that he founded and led, including Highway Toll Administration which was acquired in 2018 by private equity firm Platinum Equity investing from their $6.5 billion global buyout fund, Platinum Equity Capital Partners IV. Hundreds of millions of rental car customers have paid billions of tolls utilizing Centner’s innovations in the electronic toll collection industry. David Centner Enterprises is a division of DLC Capital Management, Centner’s family office. Consistent among Centner’s investments, philanthropy and projects, is his passionate interest in uplifting humanity in ways large and small. For more information, visit www.centner.com.