Amor Vincit Omnia.

Amor Vincit Omnia.

Welcome! David Centner Enterprises is the investment umbrella for my personal passion projects, moon shots and side hustles.

I dedicate my time to projects and philanthropy that uplift humanity and bring joy to the world. This is great fun while being a great challenge. All my projects check these boxes. I have numerous initiatives that occupy my attention, and over time you can look forward to my sharing them with the world.

One of these projects is Centner Academy, my wife’s primary passion project. Centner Academy is Leila’s manifestation for educating kids, teaching them to think critically, and going forth to lead boldly. I guide the leadership team and strategic direction. We are so excited as we enter our 2nd full year in Fall ’21 with close to 300 students. Parents, teachers and administrators alike from around the world are literally uprooting their families to join the Centner Academy community.

As my personal journey unfolds, I’m deeply conscious of and humbly grateful for my blessings, one of whom is Leila, my amazing wife. You will surely hear more from her in the coming years. She has amazing clarity, vision, and strength of conviction. Stunningly beautiful and ridiculously smart, all those who know her will agree. also checks my boxes. I bought the company earlier this year (2021) with big expansion plans. Companies and individuals are being whipsawed by the whimsical results of search engines, review sites, and unfair testimonials. With we have a unique opportunity to positively shape the course of companies and individuals alike, bringing to them a sense of relief, joy, and higher revenue.

I have other cool and interesting projects that I will announce over time. Stay tuned.

About David Centner

David Centner is a successful inventor, serial entrepreneur, tech visionary and philanthropist, with pioneering ventures in Web development, online marketplaces and electronic toll collection. Mr. Centner has had 4 successful exits with technology companies that he founded and led.